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The Results

The new Ballyclare Shield got immediate and unanimous client buy-in. It has started to appear on all marketing collateral and will soon be incorporated into the design of Ballyclare’s clothing ranges. Becoming an instantly recognisable symbol is a long journey… this one has just started.

Starting point.

Ballyclare may operate in a relatively niche B2B market – manufacturing and supplying personal protection clothing – but doesn’t mean they have to be staid or stick-in-the-mud. They are dynamic, forward thinking, ambitious. And they want to present themselves as a complete brand which lives and breathes this exciting positioning – including a brand marque which they can rally behind and really ‘own’. The Shell ‘shell’, the Nike swoosh and the iconic three stripes of the Adidas logo were all cited as benchmarks. So, no pressure there…

Taking the brand further.

We went back to basics and looked at Ballyclare’s core brand values of Protection, Trust and Integrity. These inspired us to create a simple, but powerful device; the Ballyclare Shield. Each of the three brand pillars go into making the whole. And that whole perfectly represents what Ballyclare do and what they stand for.

Of course, the marque we developed also had to fit with the way we were refining and redefining the rest of Ballyclare’s brand and marketing collateral. Work for the automotive and rail sectors was much more dynamic and expressive. Stands at commercially important tradeshows were much more impressive and emotive… It was a complete overhaul of Ballyclare’s brand imagery.

The outcome.

The overarching brand development is also ongoing – it’s a gradual, but pacey, evolution which has taken Ballyclare miles away from where they were.