Brand Identity


Brand Identity. Design. UI design & development. UX optimisation.

The Results

The brand refresh was rolled out across all the franchisees who loved the new, more professional image which had been created. It was clear from their reaction and relief that we had breathed new life into a brand – giving it real impetus and belief. This more attractive, mid-market value positioning has also led to UK Blinds now being stocked in mass market retailers – opening up huge new markets for their products.

Starting point.

UK Blinds works on a franchise model and is the direct selling arm in this country of our international client, Hunter Douglas. They don’t sell door-to-door, but they do make home visits and it’s fair to say that are positioned at a more price-sensitive end of the market.

However, it’s also fair to point out that the existing brand was starting to drift positively downmarket – which meant UK Blinds were competing against bargain basement companies who couldn’t come remotely close to matching them on quality, but would always win on cost.

Taking the brand further.

This was a complete end-to-end rebrand. The only thing which didn’t change was the company name. We redesigned the logo. We refreshed the company’s livery, their vans and uniforms. And we gave everything a much fresher, brighter, more contemporary look.

We didn’t pull the company drastically upmarket – that’s not where they’re supposed to be positioned. But we highlighted and accentuated their friendliness, approachability and dependability which truly differentiates them in a sector where cowboys and fly-by-nights are not unknown.

We also looked at the overall service proposition and identified that if there was one word which summed up what they do - from manufacture to after-sales, it was ‘care’. Careful measurement. Careful assembly. Careful not to make a mess. Our new strapline of ‘We take care of everything’ was reassuring and made a simple, but strong claim which chimed perfectly with their older, slightly less confident target audience.