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The Results

The client was keen to adopt the latest technologies and design practices to make sure their brand had contemporary standout. So, we combined the high quality photography with a variety of interactive touch-points such as parallax scrolls, carousels and hotspots to create a rich interactive experience. This is still a fully manageable site though, which the client updating their own CMS.

Starting point.

Archilumo is a Dutch start-up company based around the vision of two architects looking to revolutionise architectural panel lighting. Their products allow architects, interior designers and specifiers to create unique custom light-panels for walls or ceilings across a huge range of sectors including hospitality, retail and offices. Outpost was approached to help launch the brand.

Taking the brand further.

Before we started, we conducted a full audit, interviewed architects and researched Archilumo’s main 'rivals' – analysing their brands and visual styles. The output from this research helped us develop three clear directions which took inspiration from the unique design and innovation of the product itself, the company’s level of technical expertise and attention to detail and its passion for pushing the boundaries materials and technology.

Once the brand’s design language was nailed down, we set out to develop the website and fulfil four key gaols: to highlight the product offerings, provide a detailed resource for clients, increase conversions and optimize customization service.

Working with the team at Archilumo, we streamlined the whole online experience, made it easier to navigate and conveyed complex technical stories succinctly. To keep the UI effortless, we established a responsive framework for the site which avoided losing primary features and automatically restructured content and functionality.