Fit for Duty Campaign


Art Direction. Photography. Video Production. Integrated creative. Social Media.

The Results

  • +68%

    Facebook reach

  • 156,653

    Video views to date

  • +34%


Starting point.

How to give a real-life practical demonstration of Ballyclare’s new Xenon Fire Kit? We couldn’t really go round setting fire to buildings to create the perfect conditions for Xenon’s unique protection, comfort, breathability and flexibility credentials to be shown in their best light.

Also, to clearly show Ballyclare understand the stresses and strains every firefighter faces, the demonstration had to feel authentic – a genuine presentation of the product’s qualities. So, we had to think a little laterally and deliver creatively.

Awards & Recognition.

DE Awards: Social Media Campaign of the Year
Finalist / 2017

Taking the brand further.

Our solution was a video marketing and social media campaign; and the creative idea was to team up with CrossFit Games World champion – and ex firefighter – Sam Briggs to front the work and put the product through its paces. We asked Sam to devise a strenuous CrossFit workout featuring many of the movements she used when battling fires. So Ballyclare’s video is packed with ‘Muscle-Ups’ demonstrating the flexibility of the garment through the arm and shoulder. ‘Farmer’s Carries’ which replicate carrying a hose to a burning building. And lung-busting, muscle-sapping ‘Rope Climbs’.

To give the client the ROI they were looking for, we created a campaign microsite which hosted all the product specification and sales copy and devised a social media plan to push out campaign assets across both Ballyclare’s channels and Sam Briggs’ accounts, tapping into her combined following of over 517K social media fans, resulting in new followers and an impressive increase in engagement for Ballyclare.

What happened next?

In the first week alone, the film was viewed over 120,000 times..

And US manufacturer Gore Parallon (the makers of Gore-tex) who supply their fabrics for the Xenon kit also picked up on the video and shared it on their own multi-national channels. All of which positions Ballyclare as an innovative and proactive brand – distinct from its competitors.