Campaign strategy. Creative. Digital.

Starting point.

InfinityQS® is the leading provider of Statistical Process Control (SPC) software and services to manufacturers worldwide who have launched a new cloud-based Quality Intelligence solution product called Enact. The client’s strategy was to drive global adoption and market share through direct sales and through an expanded partner program. This required not only raising awareness of the product but more importantly its benefits to the partner and to the end user business who the partner in turn sold Enact to.

Taking the brand further.

We began by holding a workshop session where we were able to identify three key target groups we wanted to recruit new partners from and their key motivations: Manufacturing and Quality Consultants, Automation and Control, and Industrial IT Services.

To answer the key motivations for each target audience identified we created one core message, which needed to run through every piece of communication we created:

Zero risk. Zero commitment. Limitless possibilities.

Wherever possible we wanted to focus on the motivations of our 3 audiences rather than just offering a list of features and benefits. We then developed two routes for the campaign; the first was strategic seeking to support the key objective of engaging with and recruiting partners. There was an overriding caveat to this objective in that the client wanted the campaign to act as a pre-sales qualifier, where the quality of enquiries was more important than quantity. The second was more tactical and is a product brand awareness campaign to the manufacturing sector aiming to help partners drive their sales enquiry pipeline and achieve sales of Enact.

The Results

The campaign is currently being rolled out globally, stay tuned for the results.

The creative rationale.

It was important for us to show the industries in order to resonate with the audience, however in order to stand out from other creative in the market we wanted to capture the audience as well. The challenge was to combine both images in a dramatic way that illustrated their aspirations and conveyed the limitless possibilities within the narrative. To do this we decided to utilise the double exposure effect throughout the campaign.

We went down the route of double exposure to display a number of different environments the product can be used in, moving away from the standard stock imagery commonly used in this sector. The double exposure effect enabled us to capture more of a scene within one image and add weight to the message we were trying to put across. It also adds a new creative dimension to an image and is much more eye catching to the audience.

The creative.

A series of full and half page press adverts were created alongside animated digital ads to support the campaign. We created a version for each audience in mind giving us four different adverts. This creative would run alongside a dedicated landing page and social media pages all created to push the campaign.