John Smiths

Design, Packaging

Starting point.

To create a pint that is truly "out of this world" beer brand John Smith's launched wanted to launch a limited edition run of ale into space. The drinks would then be used a part of a competition, will give most Brits closest taste of space travel they are likely to get, with the cans travelling 37,430 meters above the earth’s surface and back again.

The crate, containing 10 cans of John Smith’s Extra Smooth, underwent testing by scientists to ensure it could cope with the conditions of space travel. Experiments included vacuum chamber testing, extreme temperature exposure and impact testing before it was launched on a three hour journey to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere and back.Once the ‘space ale’ landed back on the earth it was packaged into a limited edition box, which was then made available to fans via the brand's Facebook page.


Taking the brand further.

Working with COW PR and Adam and Eve DDB we were tasked to design and manufacture the limited edition packaging. Taking inspiration from the digital aspect of the campaign we replicated the visual language on the packaging which had to contain not only the can of beer itself but also a limited edition John Smiths glass.