Web Design

Manchester House

Photography direction. Digital design & development. UX optimisation.

The Results

Manchester House and Lounge on 12 have been a roaring success. Since going live in December 2015, the website has had almost half a million visitors, with over 230,000 signing up for regular updates. We’re just waiting for the Michelin star now…

Starting point.

Manchester is not short of fine dining experiences. So any newcomer has to offer something special if it’s not going to become just another part of the statistic which shows 60% of restaurants fail within the first three years. Manchester House had a lot of things go right for it – like having a star head Chef in Aiden Byrne. But it still needed to show Manchester what it was missing.

Awards & Recognition.

Awwwards: Honorable Mention
Honorable Mention / 2015

Taking the brand further.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all marketing. We always look at each individual client’s needs and find a singular solution. However, this project was the perfect opportunity for us to demonstrate everything we have learned over the years working with some of the UK’s most prestigious restaurant groups. We understand the power of creating a difference. And of infusing every customer contact point with a taste of what they can expect when they walk through the door. It’s all about creating anticipation – through well-chosen words, sumptuous photography and elegant design – and then trusting the establishment to deliver on it.