Night Owl

Brand strategy. Brand identity. Design.

The Results

"Delighted with the work Outpost did for Night Owl. They really listened to what we needed and met the brief with excellent attention to detail, helping us get the product into John Lewis stores. Would highly recommend to anyone" Martin Snelson, Brand Manager

Starting point.

Night Owl is a fully washable, printed duvet brand owned by The Fine Bedding Company. Due to the printed cover design, no duvet cover is needed, reducing the time and hassle of having to change your bedding. It has a wide range of applications such as sleepovers, guest bedding, and camping. We were approached to help develop the company’s proposition and elevate the visual identity to meet market demand and growing competition as well as appeal to a more mature target audience while maintaining universal appeal.

Taking the brand further.

The main challenge was how we’d create real desire for the brand, changing the products perceptions from a purely convenience item to something which is stylish, comfortable and the finishing touch to the bed itself. We wanted to reflect the contemporary and more mature side of the brand so we produced a new logo, typography, colour palette, iconography and messaging to sit in line with the new direction. After an initial discussion it was identified that the primary target audience for Night Owl would be parents and couples (mid 20’s-40’s) with a secondary audience being teenagers (16+) for consideration. Using these insights we were able to tailor the messaging and develop the overall design language for the brand to meet their needs.

Logo development.

We explored a number of different routes to take the logo during the development phase. The first was to keep the Owl as the main logo mark and position it as a 'stamp of quality' or a brand emblem while delivering it with much more simplicity, clarity and confidence to suggest a significantly more premium product. The other concept was centred around simplicity, taking design cues from current trends such as mid-century modern and Scandinavian design.

The logo mark.

Taking inspiration from the soft nature of the product itself and the sense of warmth that the user has when being in the duvet, the logo has been designed to give a sense of comfort, while being approachable and easy to read.

The logo mark, which can be used in conjunction with the word mark or by itself, has been created using the ‘N’ and ‘O’ letters from Night Owl and combining them to form a bed icon. The logo has been kept simple to ensure that it is easily recognisable but also works in conjunction with the bolder more decorative word mark.

A fresh and comforting colour palette.

The colour palette has been selected to evoke a sense of freshness, cleanliness and comfort, taking inspiration from bed linen. The palette is made up of subtle clean pastels, white and offset with a strong dark blue.

The typography.

The typefaces have been selected to complement the logo while at the same time giving the brand a distinct and flexible design language. The main typeface, ‘Fakt’ is a geometric/grotesque sans-serif typeface, which is easy to read and gives the brand a contemporary feel.

The secondary typeface is a distinctive serif typeface that ties into the decorative nature of the logo and complements the main typeface while at the same time giving the brand a softer feel.