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The Results

In concrete business terms, this is the world of closed tenders and closely-guarded contracts, so it’s hard to attribute sales directly to marketing. But when we have seen some business success we can directly take credit for, we’ll share the results.

Starting point.

It’s a dilemma; deep down you know your brand could do with a lick of fresh paint, but you don’t want to stray away too far from where you currently are and throw years of hard-earned brand equity away. That’s where Pionér, experts in industrial workwear, found themselves. And it was our job to update and revitalise their brand whilst keeping them comfortable with the new direction we were taking.

Taking the brand further.

We have never accepted that any of the Bs in B2B stand for ‘boring’. We tackle every brief with the same verve and enthusiasm – whether it’s for the High St or the high seas. And in this case, we really felt the market would accept and embrace something with more immediate impact and drama… where you could almost taste the salt in the air and feel you were exposed to the elements.

Our photographic treatment focussed on capturing an independent and intrepid spirit Pionér wearers would recognise and warm to – and developing a stand-out, but relevant, creative styling.