Piper Boats

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The Results

The roll-out of the brand was slightly staggered, but as near to an overnight facelift as we could co-ordinate. So Piper Boats Mkii was launched – with the new brochure drawing envious glances at trade fairs (one exhibitor even suggested that they should start charging for their promotional brochure it was such a coffee table piece).

Starting point.

Piper Boats are a family firm who have been making Dutch style barges for almost 50 years. ‘Making’ doesn’t really do justice to exactly what this firm does though. Their barges are as close to handmade as a boat can be. The attention to detail is incredible, the craftsmanship impeccable. An extraordinary amount of man hours go into each vessel.

Taking the brand further.

This was a complete ‘end-to-end’ rebrand. So, we refined and refreshed the logo giving it a much more prestigious feel. We built a fully responsive website which told the company’s story in careful, loving detail and also acted as a perfect shop window for their fabulous boats; especially with a new library of bespoke, lifestyle-focussed photography which showed every vessel at its best and really sold the concept of gently navigating Europe’s waterways. All their collateral also gained a consistent and stylishly classic look – including the brochure’s precise cross-section illustrations which brilliantly captured the intricate detail and eye for craftsmanship which goes into every vessel. And a new content marketing strategy was put in place too; keeping both new and existing customers on-board with all the latest news and stories from their owners, who see themselves as part of the extended Piper Boats family. In fact, everything was taken up a notch to successfully reposition Piper Boats as the prestigious manufacturer of a luxury lifestyle accessory.