Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Private White V.C.

Brand strategy. Design. Photography direction. Integrated creative.

The Results

Commissioning Finn Beales proved to be an inspired move as his huge Instagram following gave 11,000 likes and 50 positive comments to the dramatic campaign images he posted. This increased brand exposure helped grow Private White V.C’s Instagram following from 10k to up 13k and boosted online revenue by 50% for that season.

Starting point.

Another season, another shoot. Every time we take a new brief from Private White V.C., we’re aware that there’s many different people ready to cast a critical eye over the outcome. Aficionados. Stockists. The trade press. The devotees. They’re all waiting with baited breath for the new season. We can’t disappoint.

Taking the brand further.

We had Chief Designer, Nick Ashley’s vision to provide us with inspiration. "We start with the elemental raw fibres: wool, cotton, linen, leather, copper for zips and horn for buttons. Spring water is used for washing and after adding colour there are no other processes. We then weave the cloth and fabric on looms to our own specification, carefully constructing the clothes in our magnificent Manchester factory. Everything is made in Great Britain, we love this Island."

We wanted rugged, windswept, majestic. So we photographed on Black Rock Sands in Porthmadog, Wales. And, instead of going for a glossy fashion photographer, we chose landscape photographer Finn Beales to get that ‘at one with nature’ feel. However, this was the Spring/Summer collection, so styling was a little more casual and we cast a slightly younger model to knock off some of the rough edges.

The outcome.

"I did some cracking campaign work with Outpost, we were putting together a brand image for Private White, so the photos had to say everything about the brand ethos, integrity and mood. Not an easy task for a start up campaign, but between Outpost and I we managed to get some images together that summed up what was going on.

The images that we put together were totally stunning, not only did they reboot the whole position of the brand, but they also managed to impress quite a few fashion editors from the magazine world, I have seen some shoots that emulate the style since. Stuff like this is serious, but fun at the same time, it's nice to work with someone who understands the balance."

— Nick Ashley, Creative Director, Private White V.C.

The Results.

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  • 50%


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