Autumn/Winter 2015 Campaign

Private White V.C.

Brand strategy. Design. Photography direction. Integrated creative.

The Results

  • 6k


  • 30%


  • 5k


Starting point.

There’s fashion, and then there’s Private White V.C.: high-end designer clothing, created by the latest generation of the Ashley design dynasty, handmade using only the finest regionally sourced fabrics. To do this range justice, every season’s portfolio of photography has to offer a new, fresh, interesting and intriguing experience.

Taking the brand further.

We came armed with Chief Designer, Nick Ashley’s thoughts on the new collection and type of themes he wanted to capture: “Our clothes are of the land, made for use on the land and, at the end of the day, they are so natural that, should you leave them in a field for long enough, they will gradually melt back into the earth that they came from.”

Using this as inspiration, we set the photography on a very special piece of land – Dungeness, Britain’s only desert. On this huge expanse, we used a portrait photographer (instead of a traditional fashion photographer) to create a more honest, sincere mood – very anti-catwalk and very much in keeping with the brand’s values.

What happened next?

The softer metrics immediately showed greater social engagement with Private White V.C.’s Instagram following quickly rising from 4,000 to 10,000. Site visits followed a similar trend. This translated into online revenue increasing fivefold. Things couldn’t look better.