Revolucion de Cuba

Branding, Design, Art Direction, Illustration, Photography

Starting point.

Building on the back of a long working relationship with Inventive Leisure working on several projects for the sister brand Revolution Vodka Bars. Starting with a complete blank piece of paper we worked closing with the team at Inventive Leisure and Bacardi to launch a new chain of Cuban-themed rum bars.

Taking the brand further.

This project was all about capturing the spirit of Cuba that would create a new identity and visual language distinct from the existing Revolution brand and its market position.

From the quirky interior signage, loose illustrations and bright and colourful menus, the branding needed to shout ‘come and party in Cuba’. You name it, we did it… all the way through the ‘customer journey’. From brand identity, logo and concept creation right the way through to photography, posters, event publicity, ad hoc promotions, launch parties, special promotional offers, vouchers and what’s on guides.

The result... a successful launch of a new brand in a crowded market. From one flagship bar evolving to rapidly become eleven... and still growing.