Trust the Team Video

Ballyclare x Berendsen

Art Direction. Photography. Video Production.

The Results

Ballyclare and Berendsen have yet to discover whether their tender has been successful – these things take time. However, the film has proved to be far more useful than simply part of the tender process. Ballyclare believe it tells their story so well they have embedded it in their website and posted it on social channels.

Starting point.

Our client, Ballyclare were partnering with Berendsen, the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) cleaning specialists, to tender for a huge contract with a regional fire service. Instead of the usual formal and dusty powerpoint slides and pie charts, we suggested they show a short video to really bring the presentation to life, keep the audience engaged and offer a point of difference between themselves and the other tendees.

Taking the brand further.

We knew our production values had to show Ballyclare, their partners, their products and their services in the very best light. We came up with the creative theme of ‘Trust the team’ and started developing a narrative based around the fact that, just as firefighters have to be able to rely 100% on their colleagues around them, they have to have total confidence in their PPE too. And, the teamwork which exemplifies a tight-knit firefighting unit is also replicated in the teamwork found in the partnership between Ballyclare and Berendsen – which would be the No.1 reason for awarding them the tender.

The film was split into three distinct parts – and in each there was mix of live action and interview. Together, it tells a complete, integrated story with real people showing how they make a difference in the real world.