Branding, Design, Illustration, Photography

Starting point.

Wahu focuses on providing the highest quality fresh food, including chicken, beef, lamb, salmon and halloumi, all prepared to order on the restaurant’s grill and then added to a base of either salad, white or brown rice, whole-wheat pasta or a wrap. Providing breakfast, lunch and dinner options, Wahu offers a wide range of healthy food, through its unique ‘design your own’ meal offering – perfect for people with an on-the-go lifestyle. Lunchtime diners will get to build their meal from a 'base' like wholegrain rice or pasta, then add a 'protein' from fresh-grilled chicken, beef, lamb, salmon or halloumi, then add 'extras' including salads, eggs and veg, and a dressing.

Taking the brand further.

We were given the brief of creating not only the name of the concept but the visual language. We designed a fresh and vivid visual language to convey the sense of well-being that clean eating gives the consumer. To further differentiate the brand from the competition we decided to inject a bit of fun into all the brand experiences and ensured that the tone of voice that didn't take itself to seriously. Working closely with the owners, Outpost developed the unique brand experience and visual language, which extends to signage, menus, uniforms, packaging and promotional material.