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Starting point.

Social media is part of our everyday lives, but none more so than our young population. The creation of social networks and devices has revolutionised the way in which we communicate and it’s only now we are beginning to understand the real impact it is having on our lives.

Social media has become a space in which we form and build relationships, shape self-identity, express ourselves and learn about the world around us; it is intrinsically linked to our mental health. Social platforms can promote a sense of community and can help with emotional support, however, there are also risks associated with these platforms. As has been highlighted in the news recently they can cause significant problems to people’s mental health with potentially devastating consequences that need to be taken seriously.

Wing is a smart new mobile app which surveys and analyses social media activity; and oversees a child’s emotional well-being to keep them safer online and give parents the understanding they need for greater peace of mind. The solution was created from real-world experience of the effects of cyber-bullying and highlights the need for such a tool and the supporting infrastructure. Along with cyber bullying the tool also can also identify and warn in cases of harassment, trolling and other online threats. 

Taking the brand further.

After conducting a discovery workshop, it was identified that the primary target audience will be parents and teachers with children being a secondary target audience. With the insights from the workshop, we tailored the messaging and developed the overall design language for the brand to match their needs and requirements.

Promoting emotional well-being .

Not many people will be familiar with the technology and terminology which goes into an AI App. So, we have to be very clear and precise in the way we describe what Wing is – and also very careful about how we raise very sensitive subjects.

On any given day, there can be as much as 83% of the population ‘gramming, snapping and liking on one or more channels. That’s around 50 million people.

We’re here to be the eyes and ears of concerned parents, reporting back on their child’s emotional well-being; connecting people and bringing families closer together in a non-pressurised, perfectly natural way.

From day one we were very much aware that we were dealing with a very serious issue and every aspect had to be treated with respect. The brand tone of voice had to be 100% empathetic and supportive while being positive and enabling. However, we didn’t want to look like an online chat bot we wanted to convey a sense of personality and humanity in the brand. 

The logo mark.

The logo is easy to read, friendly and memorable. Optical kerning, refined weight and defined clear space, as well as delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make it as instantly recognisable as possible. The logo has been crafted to evoke the geometric forms and style found within the app.


We use illustrations to communicate the brand personality and the key features of the product. The illustrations are based upon the low-poly style of the app itself however add further personality through texture and creative elaboration to tell the Wing story. Our illustration style appeals to both adults and children and aims to capture the emotional features found in the product.

A dynamic, emotive and flexible colour scheme. 

The Wing colour scheme has been selected to evoke a sense of calm and confidence. The primary colour is turquoise, and in chromatics this represents open communication, emotional balance and compassion.The brand colours have been selected to complement all of the emotional colours used in the app. The brand colours can be used in isolation of the emotional colours or combined to create fresh, dynamic communications.