April 2018 round up

14 May 2018

Industry Insights

We can hardly believe it’s that time again! Welcome to our April round up on all things digital.

So, where do we begin?


The biggest shock of all was when Tim Martin, owner of Wetherspoons announced he was removing the company from social media. Erm, why?!

Well, he claims people are spending too much time on social media, something our Social Media Manager feels they should be using to their advantage and rightly so.

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Instagram launches new features

It’s been another busy month of updates for Instagram and they can’t seem to do any wrong despite the privacy mess their partner company have found themselves in.

They’ve just announced Focus portrait mode for videos and images on Instagram Stories. Focus blurs the background of a picture or video while keeping the focal object sharp.

They’ve also updated their stickers available in Stories. Welcome Mention stickers, a quick and easier way to mention other users on Stories. Finally, they’ve also launched a Q&A sticker which, similar to poll stickers, enables users to pose questions to their followers on Stories.

These updates give people another reason to choose Instagram over Snapchat as it now boasts 1 billion active users.

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Amazon wants children to have manners

Ahh technology, where would we be without it? In the ever changing world of technology it’s no wonder parents can be anxious when it comes to how children should be using it. After recent backlash from parents claiming the product is making their children ‘rude’, it has announced some updates.

Amazon revealed that Alexa will now be encouraging kids to say please and thank you when issuing voice commands, aiming to highlight the importance of manners. This Kids Edition includes a feature that teaches children to say please and thank you when asking for things and will positively reinforce them when they do by thanking them, for saying thank you…..still with us?

It’s a good step to encouraging positive behaviour and attitudes in children.

Sysomos Summit

We had the opportunity to present our work for Bear Grylls at the annual Sysomos Summit in London towards the end of the month with an audience of around 200 marketing professionals.

We were honoured to be alongside a great line up of speakers and panellists, all talking about how they use Sysomos, (a social listening tool for those not familiar), and their experience in social data including WWE and Ogilvy.

Some key discussions that really stood out included came from Ogilvy who stressed the importance of understanding how different communities on social media communicate and how it’s vital that content is tailored to appeal to each community rather than talk to them in a generic manner. We couldn’t agree more, talking to people in the health communities using words such as ‘Lit’ and ‘shook’ just won’t resonate.

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Linked In

Finally some updates! In an attempt to get up to date, LinkedIn has introduced GIFs. This is the platform’s latest attempt to be taken more seriously in the social media landscape as it’s often criticized for lagging behind.

LinkedIn has also recently added native video for users and company pages (finally) along with the option to add stickers and is in the midst of an ongoing push for hashtag Groups.

Hopefully this is just the beginning for LinkedIn updates, we’ll be keeping a close eye out.

See you next month!

Image credits: The Times, Instagram, Amazon