Compass issue 1 - Bentley, Stone Island and Papa John's

19 July 2019

Industry Insights

Bentley celebrates 100 years on the road with a new concept car and immersive experience

The Bentley EXP 100 GT explores how grand touring could look in 2035. Inspired by the elements of travel – the light above you, the air around you and the earth beneath you – it is designed to stimulate all the senses to enhance the well-being of everyone who travels in it. The Future of Extraordinary Journeys will preview a number of new technologies expected to be widely in use by that time such as autonomous driving. Suspense will be stoked by a dramatic sound, light and wind show to reinforce the illusion of speed before a physical model of Bentley’s 2035 vision is revealed.

Check out the website.

Nike and Stone Island collaboration

Nike and Stone Island have unveiled their collaboration on a golf capsule collection, which includes a Jacket and crewneck that feature Nike’s renowned performance properties with Stone Island’s innovative fabrics. The collection comes just in time as the 2019 Open Championship hits Northern Ireland this week.

Check out the collaboration.

Sunspel x Walsh Trainers

Sunspel and Walsh Trainers have joined forces to create a premium handcrafted sneaker. Mixing suede, leather, nylon and rubber soles, Sunspel has dug deep into the Walsh archive and updated a silhouette with modern elements to create a minimal look that is synonymous with the brand.

Instagram hides likes

Instagram is trialling a hidden count feature on its feeds, amid concerns over its effect on self-image and confidence in six countries. There is concern social media platforms are contributing to low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy in young people. Using likes to measure the success or popularity of a post has been the norm for as long as we can remember and while Instagram has said the test would not affect measurement tools for businesses it will be interesting to see how this update will affect the user experience.

Without bees, there’s no pizza

Papa John’s UK has created the world’s first pizza for bees, a stunt to raise awareness about the decline of the majestic pollinator. ‘The Bee Sting’ launched earlier this week, and is being marked with a video showing a bee enjoying ‘the world’s first Beezza’. Papa John’s said: “This tiny, flying insect is in fact the most effective pollinator of tomatoes, essentially allowing us to keep up with the global demand for tomato-based products.” “It may seem hard to believe, but without bumblebees, there would be no pizza. Tomato plants hold their pollen in extremely tight structures and literally need a bumblebee to buzz the pollen out to fertilise the flowers. This free-bee service means we can produce enough tomatoes to satisfy the global demand for pizza and other tomato-based products.”

Eric Cantona heads to Space

Going further than the Kronenbourg 1664 #LeBigSwim across the channel from France to Great Britain. Eric has announced to prove Kronenbourg 1664 is the finest tasting lager he will go into space to prove it.

After announcing his intention to enter space back in June, Kronenbourg has kept fans up to date with Cantona’s training, showing him preparing for the mission. And now, Cantona has officially made it to space. Ok so this space is a little closer to home: Space Nightclub, Ibiza. The campaign has been created by Ogilvy agency, and sees Cantona say to the camera “the haters would not believe I would go to space. But Cantona always shoots for the Moon, as even if he misses, he lands upon the stars.”

Check out #LeBigSwim campaign we worked on.

Thorne: The Frontier Within experience

The Frontier Within is an immersive installation and web experience that captures the participant’s circulatory, respiratory and nervous system data, and transforms it into a living, breathing, interactive portrait of the body. It was live as a physical installation at Studio 525 in New York City earlier this year and continues to be available online to experience. The campaign for health supplement company Thorne, aims to get people thinking about their “inner self”, the parts of the body we don’t often think about — our lungs, our brain and our heart.

Explore the experience online.