Compass issue 10 - Breitling, Yahoo!, Coca-Cola and more

30 September 2019

Industry Insights

Breitling collaborate with Outerknown

Luxury Swiss watch maker Breitling has collaborated with sustainability-minded apparel label Outerknown to create a new Superocean model as well as an eco-friendly collection of NATO straps designed to accompany any Breitling watch you may have. The watch features a first for Breitling: the strap is crafted from ECONYL® yarn, an innovative material created from nylon waste, one source of which is fishing nets from oceans around the world. Like Breitling, Outerknown – which was co-founded by surfing icon Kelly Slater – works with Ocean Conservancy to raise awareness of the problem of marine waste and to motivate individuals to take action to clean up the oceans.

Yahoo! branding

Yahoo has redesigned its identity to give the brand a “bold and confident” look for the 21st century. The logo has been designed to be more simple and flexible than the previous design, but also look back to the fun of the brand’s “Looney Toons-style” logo from 1996. Designed by Pentagram the capital letters of the logo’s previous iterations have been abandoned in favour of lower case letters. The brand’s exclamation mark is italicised to give emphasis and is alined at 22.5 degrees to match the angle of the Y.

Diesel partners with Coca-Cola

Diesel has teamed up with iconic American beverage company Coca-Cola to create a collaborative clothing line made with recycled materials. The collection named (Re)Collection, incorporates recycled PET derived from plastic bottles and recycled cotton into beautifully crafted garments.The collection brings a fresh and modern sensibility to Diesel’s casualwear aesthetic. Paired with the recognition and popularity of Coca-Cola, the project aims to raise awareness on the value of recycling, showing consumers the many uses of discarded plastic.

Spotify: Listen like you used to

Created by Who Wot Why, Spotify’s ‘Listen Like You Used To’ campaign taps into musical nostalgia, reminding people that while their lives may be different, music tastes don’t have to be. The campaign features a series of bold ads that look back at well-loved music, targeting an audience of listeners who grew up from 1979 to 1999 through clever wordplay of classic lyrics, artists and track names. One of the ads cleverly references the 1979 song by The Clash, ‘London Calling’, making light of the reality now being ‘conference calling’.

Image credit: Breitling, Coca-Cola, Outerknown, Yahoo!, Diesel, Spotify