Compass issue 11 - VW, Breast Cancer Now, Lexus and more

08 October 2019

Industry Insights

Cadbury confines Sue Perkins to solitude for Age UK partnership

Cadbury has launched the second phase in its “Donate your words” campaign, recruiting Sue Perkins to spend 30 hours in isolation and creating two TV ads based on her ordeal. The ads will be aired through Sky with the work aiming to highlight the plight of lonely elderly people. As part of the ad Sue was cut off from the outside world. She had no access to a phone or the internet and was only allowed minimal reading material. Perkins said the experience left her “saddened and shocked”, but appreciated that it was not comparable to how an older person suffering from loneliness might feel in reality.

Breast Cancer Now Rebrand

UK-based charity Breast Cancer Now has revealed its new visual identity, just in time for the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The rebrand follows the merger of the charity with Breast Cancer Care back in April and represents the first visual identity from the newly united organisation. “They basically needed a new story, and a new identity to back up that story,” says Emma Barratt, creative director at Wolff Olins. “We were mindful of the merger, and where we could we tried to include the DNA of the two charities.”

Lexus quietly lead the way

Lexus shine a spot light on both business and pop culture, before showcasing the self-charging hybrid as “quietly leading the way” of eco-progression in wider society. This follows “The hybrid that defies logic” campaign, which also promoted Lexus’ self-driving model.

New VW logo

Volkswagen (VW) has revealed its new logo which replaces the previous logo’s three-dimensional chrome effect and blue background with a “flat two-dimensional design”.
The aim of the new logo is to be “clearer” across digital applications and better represent electric vehicles. Created by the brands in-house team, the pared-back redesign has a “high flexibility” across physical and digital platforms, VW says. VW badges will be illuminated on the front of vehicles, at showrooms and at other branded locations.

Image credit: VW, Cadbury, Lexus, VW, Breast Cancer Now