Compass issue 16 - Spotify, BrewDog, Google and more

19 December 2019

Industry Insights

Spotify debuts AR to curate the at-home music experience 

Spotify has teamed up with tech brand Magic Leap to create a spatially-aware app that lets users virtually pin tracks, albums and artists to specific locations in their home using an AR headset. 

Essentially, the partnership allows users to organise their music library through soundscapes that can be curated for different areas of the home. 

The launch is a pretty revolutionary move in the way you can now see, hear and experience the artists you love.  

BrewDog’s ‘Sober as a motherfu’ is banned

In BrewDog’s latest OOH activation, the brand is seen to be channeling their playful side with a billboard that reads ‘Sober as a Motherfu’ - deliberately cutting off the word to cause a stir.

Unfortunately for BrewDog, the ASA received 44 complaints which means the activation has been pulled, with one member complaining that a billboard has been positioned directly opposite a primary school. 

Depositphotos launch visual trends for 2020

 If you’re looking to see what visual trends 2020 has in store, look no further. Depositphotos have just released their annual trends report which examines the visual communications set to define the new year.  

The key trends to look out for in 2020 include a call for stock photographers to shoot new and emerging technology in context, the influence of AI, visuals focusing on details instead of the big picture and the sky-high demand for vertical content.

Google’s Year in Search 

This week, Google dropped its annual “Year in Search” video - an annual tradition that reveals the zeitgeist of the nation over the year of 2019. 

Watch and enjoy the exploration of search trends behind heroic people and moments of 2019.