Compass issue 3 – Snapchat, Tesla, Heinz and more

01 August 2019

Industry Insights

Snapchat Launches Major New Ad Campaign

Snapchat has launched a new ad campaign centred on the theme of connecting friends. Snapchat has always maintained its focus on close relationships, which has long been its differentiating factor from other platforms. The app wasn’t designed for public broadcast, or for sharing every moment with everyone, instead it wanted to help people stay in touch with their closest connections, in a more intimate, and less permanent way, something that has contributed to the poor growth of the app. However, with a recent shift in social media trends, private groups and messaging are on the rise. So, Snap is using that ethos as the key focus for its first global, paid media campaign, which will see billboards and ads placed across cinemas, broadcast, print and digital platforms with messaging implying that other platforms aren’t about “real friends.” Subtle…

Gucci Replaces Off-White™ as World’s Hottest Brand

Gucci has returned to the top of the “Hottest Brand” list for the fifth time over the last two years according to Lyst.

The Italian label has replaced Off-White™, moving it into second place, with Balenciaga, Valentino and Prada rounding off the top five.

Click here to take a look at the full Lyst Index.

Tesla will soon bring Netflix and YouTube streaming to its cars

On Saturday, Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla will soon allow owners to stream Netflix and YouTube videos on their vehicles’ multimedia screens. If this sounds like a distraction to you too, don’t panic as it will of course only be while the car is parked. Model 3 and upcoming Model Y owners will likely have the best in-car video experience, as Engadget points out, since these vehicles use horizontally oriented screens. Musk says this upgrade will be coming “soon,” and the widespread rollout could happen in August.

Heinz celebrates 150 years with ‘Beanz muzeum’

Heinz is celebrating its 150th birthday with a pop-up ‘Beanz museum’ in Covent Garden where you will be able to follow the journey of the baked bean from the last century to the present day, thanks to archive material. The immersive museum and its interactive experiences will also imagine what the future of beans will look like, and you’ll be able to pick up personalised cans only available at the museum. Let’s admit…beans on toast is one of lifes guilty pleasures.

Amazon is launching the Shazam for fashion

Have you ever looked at an item of clothing in a picture and spent hours searching the internet to find it? Well, Amazon is stepping in to become your go-to destination for fashion by investing in AI technology that allows customers to upload a photograph or screenshot of clothing and it will search its own site for similar items and recommendations. Amazon isn’t the first retailer to offer a search feature of this kind. Asos and Wayfair both have similar tools in place but the technology is still in its early days.