Compass issue 9 - Finisterre, iPhone, Audi and more

23 September 2019

Industry Insights


Audi recently revealed its concept emissions-free quattro that comes with drones instead of headlights. It’s called the AI:TRAIL, and it’s the fourth release in Audi’s series of concept electric vehicles, which also includes the Aicon, AI:ME, and AI:RACE. The 4.15 metre long, 2.15 metre wide concept has 34cm of ground clearance and can ford rivers half a metre deep. The 22in wheels each get their own electric motor, giving precisely-controlled all-wheel drive and 430bhp/738lb ft of torque. On-road it should be able to travel between 250 and 300 miles between charges, while the additional power needed for hardcore off-roading means in such situations, range is limited to 155 miles. There’s lots of glass for good visibility - at night this is aided by a fleet of drones that fly ahead of the car to illuminate its path (hence the lack of headlights).

Finisterre x Vans Collaboration

Vans has teamed up for the second time with cold water surf brand Finisterre with a three-silhouette capsule following on from their last release in 2017. Inspired by surfing and the sea, the collection has been updated with a focus on functionality, weatherproofing and sustainability.

The capsule includes the Ultrarange High DL, which is based on a hiking boot and is constructed from eco-synthetic leather and recycled polyester, the Destruct is a new style from Vans/Finisterre and is a truly adventure-ready shoe. Wanting something for those pre and post surfs? Then look no further than the Slipe-Er. The back of the shoe folds down making it easy to slip on with damp feet, but with a sturdy enough sole to wear outside the home. Made out of organic cotton with an eco-wax coating, the Slip-Er is ready for wherever you take it.

Apple IOS 13 update

Apple’s new iOS 13 operating system is now available to download for compatible iPhones. New features to the system include a ‘Dark Mode’, allowing programs including iMessage. Photos and Settings to use a much darker theme. Other key features include a new swipe mode on the keyboard which allows you to type faster by swiping words, as well as improvements to maps.

Zara Scenes

Munich-based creative consultancy Daily Dialogue designed the identity for ZARA’s FW19 women’s collection, entitled SCENES. The collection is accompanied by a campaign and 3 short films that tell the story of a woman in an experimental and personal way that ZARA has never told before. The tales of dreams, realities, music, dance and humour are graphically represented by a typographic approach that feels both minimal and loud.

Vision Mercedes Simplex

The newest Mercedes Benz concept car takes the 120-year-old design of the Mercedes Simplex and re-imagines it with a sleek, futuristic flair. The two-seater takes everything we’ve come to expect with new car concepts and throws it out the window. Instead of cramming lots of typical concept-y ideas into the new Vision Mercedes Simplex the automaker has stayed fairly true to the original. Yes, a number of elements (like the radiator) are rimmed in rose gold, and yes, the grille has been replaced with a display that can feature “animations which provide information on the vehicle status,” according to the company. But the cockpit is a minimalist driver’s dream, with just a few small displays that the company says are focused on information that’s critical to driving.

Image credit: Audi, Finisterre, Mercedes, Zara and Apple