Customer centric marketing

21 November 2017

Industry Insights

In a recent digital marketing study of 1,165 digital marketers undertaken by Adobe the top 3 strategic capabilities needed over 2017 and 2018 were:

1) Content personalisation

2) Customer journey management

3) Customer intelligence

These need to be viewed as a complete set and not in isolation as Adobe’s report says by taking this approach ‘companies can focus on what matters most – providing constant, exceptional experiences to their customers.’

As Adobe further comments ‘Today’s consumers are inundated with more content, more channels and more digital experiences than ever before. If you want to earn their loyalty you have to go a lot further than just offering products or services. You have to strive for greater customer experiences; the kind that are personal, relevant and compelling. You have to transform.’

But is this new?

One of the pillars of marketing as an approach to business has been to ensure the organisation is structured in a way that is customer focussed. Ensuring that what we sell is what the marketplace needs.

Achieving this requires more than traditional promotional offers or advertising, indeed more than the role that marketing has historically played.

Adobe further contend that an integrated approach to marketing is required by merging traditional methods of marketing with data and customer insight that can give a complete view of the customer and their views and needs.

Easy to say, but difficult to achieve.

Some organisations by their very nature have historically organised themselves around how they want to do business, ‘we have always done things this way why change?’

Adobe state that with the digital changes affecting markets, organisations need to transform to survive, grow and be successful.

Indeed the issues posed in the research go to the very essence of business strategy. To transform successfully you need to understand the following (the list is not exhaustive):

Where are we now?

What is the position that we want to get to and what does it look like?

How are we going to get there?

What key success factors/strengths will we need to ensure we are following the correct path?

What barriers will prevent us from reaching our desired state?

To transform the organisation to a customer centric version will require:

1) Leadership

2) Commitment from the board and stakeholders

3) A clear understanding of the path to be followed

4) A project plan that is bought into by all concerned from board level to the most junior member of staff

5) Determination

Transformation is not delivered by a board of directors, neither is it through a project management office or team, it can only be delivered by the whole organisation adopting a holistic customer centric approach.

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