Dear Wetherspoon's...

18 April 2018

Industry Insights

Well well well…what do we have here then…quite the reaction to social media from Wetherspoon’s owner, Tim Martin, who has decided to close all 900 of his pubs social media accounts.

I’m not being bias here as I know I work in social media but cutting arguably one of the most successful channels when you’re talking about food and booze seems like a bad idea…. Because no-one ever posts pictures of food and drink on Instagram right?! I mean…there’s only 156,752,173 posts using the hashtag #foodporn on Instagram. Not that Wetherspoon’s food is exactly foodporn but you get the drift.

So, his reasoning was because people are spending too much time on social media. Ey? So surely a brand should be using it to their advantage? This is literally like saying, too many people watch TV…let’s cut all of our TV advertising.

I actually used to work in a Wetherspoon’s and they were always a little bit backwards. No music. No hi vis. No football shirts. No fun? Perhaps they don’t want a younger audience. I do remember little old George waiting outside at 8.30am ready for his first pint of John Smiths. Not exactly Instagram’s prime audience, fair enough. But surely a younger audience is who you should be trying to attract.

Tim has also said that closing the social media accounts will have little impact on sales. Social media is a brand awareness and customer service tool. It’s essential for brands to be talking directly to their audience with a consistent marketing strategy. The use of social media and user –generated content is only beneficial to a brand.

Anyway, rant over. Tim, if you’re reading this, here’s some stats from Sysomos abut people talking about your brand…