Everything you need to know about Vero

01 March 2018

Industry Insights

Vero, the new kid on the block that’s been taking social media fans by storm. It’s been talked about as the new Instagram, exclusively for users and not so much brands.

So, what is it?

Vero is a new social media app that’s boasting an ad-free, more authentic user experience. Yes, it’s another platform for sharing images and videos but this time you can chose who you want to share what with. For example, upon sign up you’re given the option to follow and connect with others, segmenting contacts into acquaintances, friends and close friends. You can also choose what types of content you can see from these groups.

A huge advantage to users has been the chronological news feed, something Instagram removed much to the frustration of users, in particular influencers who have struggled with likes and engagement ever since. Hence, it’s drawing in photographers, videographers and influencers. You can also include links in captions, something influencers (and brands) have been hoping Instagram would introduce but never did.

“Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it - and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life” Vero, 2018

Vero actually launched back in 2015 as creators saw a gap in the market for a platform that put relationships first over followers, but it never took off. With the decline of Snapchat, and the struggle of Facebook and Instagram algorithms being at an all-time high, now was the perfect time for Vero to launch properly.

There’s a catch though. In an attempt to steer clear of advertising on the platform, it still needs to make money, so there is a subscription fee.

The initial idea was that the first 1 million subscribers would have free access and everyone else will have to pay a small annual subscription fee. However, due to the high demand for the platform they have since updated the website to suggest they will be offering more free subscriptions, as they have already surpassed 1 million registered users more quickly than anticipated. A sensible move as it will most certainly put people off when they can access similar tools for free.

Does it have what it takes to stick around?

So many social media networks have tried to take off over recent years. Remember Tunepics, Peach and Tidal to name a few?

Yes, it’s great that a platform has been created that has listened to the frustrations users have on platforms like Facebook and Instagram and it’s definitely hooked people in by offering them what they want. But if it continues to be seen as a threat surely Mark Zuckerberg will attempt to buy it? Maybe if Snapchat hadn’t declined Zuckerberg’s bid back in 2013 it might be looking at a more positive future…

We’ll be keeping an eye on how the platform develops throughout March.