Feb Round Up

05 March 2018

Industry Insights

It’s that time again where we keep you up to date on the latest news from over the last month. From a KFC shortage to a water shortage, it’s certainly been an eventful one.

This month our Account Manager, Hannah, brings up to speed.

Let’s start with fcking KFC

Following the announcement from KFC that they were having issues getting chicken into their restaurants, it was clear KFC needed a crisis comms strategy ASAP Rocky.

KFC handled the situation so well. A press ad communicating an apology was released that weekend and simply read the headline ‘FCK’ and a statement followed reading ‘it’s not ideal’.

To support the press ad, the brand posted a number of social posts that were witty, relatable and down to earth.

This really shows the power of reactive marketing and shows that no matter the drama, you can make light of a situation with a bit of creative thinking.

Now let’s move on..

There’s a couple of campaigns that have caught my eye this month and they’re both pretty special. Let’s talk about the Royal Legion and their AR campaign. Using AR they have extended the ‘Every Pin Tells a Tale’ and have partnered with AR company Blippar to recreate the campaign. Users of the app can scan one of the special poppy pins and they can be drawn into an AR experience in the trenches. They can explore information within the app. It’s very cool.

Another campaign that has caught my eye is the Lacoste campaign. They launched a collection of t-shirts at London fashion week with International Union for Conservation of Nature that, instead of the crocodile logo, they’ve replaced it with 10 endangered species from around the world including Anegada ground iguanas, kakapos and Burmese turtles. Only 1,500 of the tees were produced and sold at £132 – they all sold out immediately.

New kid on the block

You may have already read our latest blog about new social channel, Vero. There seems to be lots of PR about how it was the new major player in the social media market and it was one of the fastest growing apps last week but has the hype died down already? I actually downloaded the app to see what the fuss was about and to be frank, it did nothing but crash. But is there actually space in the social-sphere for a new channel? Especially one that is wanting to charge for the app. That brings me nicely onto the next topic…there may be space. Is Snapchat dead?

With one tweet, Kylie Jenner managed to decrease share prices in Snapchat by £1 billion

Man United joins YouTube

Man united have finally joined YouTube. 14 years after the channel launched, the infamous club has decided to rival all the other premiership teams. Scoring over 600k subscribers in the first 2 weeks of the channel going live, it’s already proving popular, sporting some pretty impressive content and a lot of it, making the channel look like it’s been going for years. Nice work!

We’ll leave you to check it out for yourselves.

Click here.