GDPR 101

09 May 2018

Industry Insights

May 2018 - the month agencies and brands go in to panic mode because they haven’t sorted their databases out before GDPR strikes. Not to be ignored my friends!

If you have been collecting email addresses through sign up forms, Facebook, customer purchases, and you haven’t had a visible opt-in tick box to receive your delightful emails, you need to get cracking on rectifying the issue.

Whilst some brands may be able to swerve GDPR as they’ve had a ‘soft opt-in’, others simply haven’t had the dreaded tick box at all.

So, what do you need do? The fact of the matter is that you have to have evidence that every single person in your databases has opted into receive your marketing emails. There also has to be a visible way of opting out of receiving emails. So you need to review how you seek, record and manage consent. The new law requires you to maintain records of all your processing activities too.

So whilst you can…. You need to email your database and request they approve receiving your email materials. Simples. You will probably receive a drop off rate but at least you won’t be breaking the GDPR rules and your database will hopefully be more loyal and your open rates will increase (hopefully).

Let’s not forget one of the biggest, and most talked about, elements of the GDPR is the power for regulators to fine businesses that don’t comply with it. If an organisation doesn’t process an individual’s data in the correct way, it can be fined.

Time’s ticking!