How NASA engage with fans on social media

30 July 2018

Industry Insights

Well excuse the geeky blog post, but we’re feeling a little nerdy after venturing to Bluedot festival last weekend. Please bear with all the space puns.

Blasting off with NASA’s Instagram page…With a solar system of 33M fans and engagement rate of as much as 27% there’s a lot to be learnt from NASA. No Instagram story covers, no paid advertising, just brilliant, nerdy organic content. They post phenomenal amounts of content that engages with their galaxy so effortlessly. Their stories offer insights into life at NASA and interviews with influencers, lecturers and astrologists. What’s not to love?

Twitter and Facebook also have silly amounts of followers. What’s evident is that NASA are phenomenal at story-telling. Their engagement is strong and they certainly seem to keep people engaged with their unique content.

In fact, NASA have over 500 social media accounts in total – how on earth do they manage all of those and keep them consistent. That’s my question?! Not only that but because they are a government funded organisation, they can’t boost posts. Madness.

So what can we learn from them? I think it’s safe to say that most brands are never going to be as big as NASA on any social channel however, there’s definitely some learnings we can take away from them. For starters, they are beautifully consistent. They’re unique. They have a s*** load of content and they are wonderfully sincere with everything they post. They know how to tell a story and manage to engage all different demographics of people. Their content has also seen them increase press coverage massively due to the interest in some of the posts.

To me, it seems that it’s cool to be a geek these days. The video content showing lots of information is almost digestible from NASA. They know their audience and they know that people have an interest in what they have to say. Beautifully executed, tells a story and engages with their audience. They are trying different content forms which is always inspiring to see and spot on Nasa. Spot on.

Check their Instagram feed out here