IGTV – what it means for brands

13 August 2018

Industry Insights

Watch out YouTube – IGTV looks like it’s here to stay. Instagram launched their new longer-form video platform back in June, and it’s a feature that could be significant for marketers. With Instagram’s audience of a billion users, lets explore why IGTV is one to watch…

The potential benefits for brands are endless. First of all IGTV will keep the idea of community amongst Instagram as it allows you to interact with channels with the ability to like, comment and share videos. Users will be able to watch full-screen videos in vertical form made by creators in the standalone IGTV app, or they can watch them right from inside the original Instagram app.

IGTV doesn’t limit videos to just a minute like Instagram does; instead, they can be as long as an hour, giving brands plenty of time to get their message across and the videos start playing instantly when users open the app, making it easy for them to start watching right away.

Creating channels and uploading videos is simple, and you can include clickable links in the description of your video that take users outside the app. The cover photo option provides further opportunities for branding.

Vertical videos is perfect for the mobile-only platform as many users prefer to see videos without having to rotate their phones. This means some content creators may have to shoot video content that can be vertically cropped but the good news is the audience generally isn’t looking for overly polished videos – a great way to show raw content and get a brands personality across.

Secondly, lets have a look at what it means for influencers. For existing influencers we could see them stepping away from YouTube. The process of recording, editing and uploading is straightforward and they might decide to switch to IGTV for good.

On the other hand, IGTV is accessible to everyone and no one is favoured to have a channel meaning we might see a rise of new IGTV influencers. So, if you’ve always wanted to create your own video channel or series…now’s your chance! “Instagram has long been the platform of choice for both micro and macro influencers. With the rapid growth in importance of influencer marketing, IGTV will provide a platform for even the smallest influencer to reach and engage their audience with the content they like to watch.” Socialbakers CEO Yuval Ben-Itzhak

At the moment there are no options to advertise on IGTV but we predict this wont be the case for long. Instagram Stories advertising was introduced about a year after the feature launched – advertisers will surely see this as a new challenge to traditional broadcast advertising and a way to monetise the feature. Lastly, Lets not forget attention span! With approximately 3 seconds to grab someone’s attention, the next battle for IGTV will be figuring out how to grab the notoriously short attention spans users have – especially if videos are going to be up to an hour long. Part of Instagram Stories success is probably down to the short snappy videos and images it allows you to create.