Jaguar behind the scenes

05 March 2019

Behind the scenes

We recently spent 5 days in Scotland photographing the E-PACE and F-PACE models to create another bank of eye-catching, high quality images for the Jaguar team to use across their social channels.

The brief was to uncover and celebrate the details that make the E-PACE and F-PACE the most desirable cars in their segment by capturing new angles and design details of both cars in the stunning landscapes around Scotland.

We shot in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Glencoe…and more! The Contrast of the vibrant cities and the raw beauty of the open roads in the hills formed the perfect juxtaposition of modern contemporary city life in the south and vast natural beauty in the north. The Jaguar E-PACE and F-PACE are perfectly suited to both.

Here are some behind the scenes shots from the week. Keep a look out on Jaguar’s social channels for the images.