Monthly round up

19 June 2018

Industry Insights

Welcome to our monthly round up. We’re having a look back at lots of social media updates and an awesome campaign for the World Cup from the BBC.

Why Instagram is killing it

Instagram just can’t do any wrong at the moment. May saw it roll out numerous updates to its ever-growing Stories function.

They rolled out an emoji slider for Stories, which is similar to the Polls option only it gives audiences a wider scope on which to answer questions. You can pick an emoji to animate your poll with and friends can drag it along the scale, and you can check in on how friends have answered as well as see the overall average of all responses.

The Facebook F8 conference also saw the revelation of Spotify and GoPro integration for Stories and muting was introduced – busy month right!?

We’re all guilty of it, we follow people who drive us mad with their posting habits, constant selfies or food pictures, but sometimes it’s not always as simple as unfollowing. Well, now Instagram has rolled out the muting option, meaning you can now mute someone without un-following them. Although Instagram previously made it possible to mute someone’s stories, this new update allows you to completely remove someone’s photos and videos from your feed. Once you’ve muted someone, you will no longer see their content on your feed but you’ll still be able to receive messages and see their photos if you go to their page directly.

BBC world cup promo

It’s that time, once every 4 years when we are normally bombarded with World Cup themed advertising selling everything from salty savoury snacks to surgery drinks. It’s refreshing this time round to not only see a huge reduction in football adverts but that the quality of the creative seems to be outstanding which is something that often can’t be associated with football advertising – here’s looking at you Nivea!

Anyway, this year not only have we had a Coke advert that not only cleverly decides to not show the sport or it’s millionaire stars it instead shows a humorous story of people rushing out during the match to buy emergency Coke a Cola and missing the winning goals – finishing with the line ‘You had 4 years’.

And then there is ‘that advert’ if you work in the creative industry you will know what I’m talking about. Quite literally history being made!

The BBC have smashed it out of the park with their World Cup trailer. Directed by Nicos Livesey and the team at BBC Creative, the trailer takes us on a journey through iconic moments from the competition’s illustrious past, and introduces us to the faces that will surely create memories this time around.

While most productions might create animated illustrations to replicate tapestries the team at BBC Creative decided on a truly ambition project of making every single frame individually embroidered. More than 227,000 metres of thread were used to create over 600 unique frames of tapestry that if laid end-to-end would measure over 1,200 metres in length.

The idea will be fully released in a real 7-metre long tapestry that will be put on public display. Moments from this year’s competition will be added to the tapestry after the tournament’s completion, creating a historical record of the 2018 World Cup.

Well done to James Cross and the BBC Creative team for an absolutely stunning World Cup campaign advert - amazing concept and beautifully executed! Great to see companies still taking risks and trusting the creative vision.

Facebook live finally gets an update

Facebook live has received a few technical updates, good news for regular live streamers. Did you know live content generates 6x more engagement than a regular video?

When the Facebook news feed algorithm changes happened early 2018, content publishers had to figure out how to get audiences to invest in meaningful content that doesn’t offer a competition prize as an incentive to engage with it.

Now Facebook is working to improve live video to help us all out – relief!

Users will now be able to use a persistent stream key with an encoder when going live on the platform – English please?!

Facebook explained: “You only need to send one stream key to production teams – and because a Page’s stream key is permanent, it can be sent in advance of a shoot, making it easier to collaborate across teams and locations for live productions.”

Publishers will also have the ability to cross-post their Facebook LIVEs across several Pages at once. They will soon also be giving both users and brands the option to rewind live videos, competing with YouTube.