November Round Up

05 December 2017

Industry Insights

Welcome back to our monthly round up where we take a quick look back at some of the important updates in the digital world over the last month.

The new F1 logo

It’s been just over a week since Liberty Media unveiled the new F1 brand in Abu Dubai Grand Prix. Since then the web and social has been alight with mostly negative comments about the new marque – from F1 purists to designers there really hasn’t been much love for the new design and the future of F1.

The work was completed by Wieden+Kennedy London with the original brief to create a symbol that would elevate Formula One into becoming a “fully-fledged media and entertainment brand”. The use of negative space has now gone replaced by a bold, flat design more akin to the digital age we live in. According to W+P the new marque represents the low profile and aerodynamics of a race car and allows for “more personality” when animated or translated into 3D.

Our Creative Director, Chris, has been an F1 fan since he was about 8. Here’s what he has to say about the new logo.

“I’m excited by the new look and new direction that the sport is going in. I wasn’t really a fan of the original logo it always felt a bit clunky and awkward and was never really designed to work in the plethora of channels we have today. Yes, the new logo isn’t perfect, when it’s reduced to a small size due to the very thin Keyline it fills in and becomes illegible something that really should have been picked up in the design process especially when today logos have to be visible on small digital devices. This is something that could be easily fixed and looking through the design language as a whole I like it. It’s a clear statement from the new owners that they want to attract new audiences and that F1 is going in a new direction suitable for the digital age.”

See the full interview with W+K and design process at Creative Review.

Cyber weekend

This year was the first time we’ve seen mobile and tablet devices take over desktop sales over the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. It comes as no surprise with the development of these platforms over recent years and the investments brands are making in multichannel strategies. Campaign reported that 49% of sales were made on a desktop, suggesting the investment brands are putting into mobile optimized channels is paying off as shoppers are becoming more confident in making sales on mobile devices.

In other Cyber weekend news, online retailer ASOS tested out Snapchat’s new promoted stories ad format. This new format consists of three to ten Snaps that auto-play to tell a story, offering the ‘swipe up’ to visit the website feature that Instagram Stories first rolled out to brands with over 10K followers. The ASOS ads followed the story of “night-out-worthy” and “Black Friday Best” clothing to encourage shoppers to make a purchase. Snapchat is currently in the process of re-designing its app to compete with Instgram Stories, which has been hugely popular this year.

Is the John Lewis ad formula tired?

It’s possibly the most highly anticipated Christmas advert each year, and this year John Lewis unveiled its Moz the Monster advert. Over the past several years, John Lewis has won over the nation with its collection of heart-warming and emotional advertising campaigns, from ‘Monty the Penguin’ to the ‘Man on The Moon’ (and many more).

Moz, who is a large, friendly monster under-the-bed, is seen sleeping under the bed of a 7-year-old boy, keeping him awake every night, but they soon become friends and spend the evenings playing together.

This soon takes it’s toll on the 7-year-old who starts falling asleep throughout the day. Moz quickly notices this and gives him a night light for Christmas to help him fall asleep….all at a cost of £7m!

Personally we think it’s pretty cute, but the advert has split critics (and the nation) with many questioning whether the John Lewis Christmas ad formula is beginning to get tired. Yes it ticks all the boxes, it’s heart warming and reminds you of the importance of friendship but will it drive people to John Lewis stores?

Spotify Campaign

Spotify is wrapping up 2017 with it’s biggest and most humorous campaign to date. The campaign, titled ‘2018 goals’ features 70 artists and their stories using the companies rich data.

The campaign which includes OOH advertising (Out Of Home), digital, social media filters and life size cut outs of the musicians, has a message relevant to each artist with a humorous twist on their music released in 2017, relating it back to new years resolutions. Check out some of the signs here.

Facebook Messenger

For the first time, Facebook Messenger has started to test its new messenger platform for children under the age of 13, in an attempt to improve the safety of children on the Internet. It was rolled out in the US yesterday and “Messenger Kids” lets parents download the app on their child’s phone or tablet, create a profile for them and approve friends and family with whom they can text and video chat from the main Messenger app.

This new feature offers lots of fun features designed for children to enjoy and connect with friends and family from fidget spinners and dinosaur AR (Augmented Reality) masks to crayon-style stickers and video calling.

This is a significant update for Facebook, proving it’s committed to making the platform a safer place, protecting children from online bullying, sexual predators and violent content.

We think it’s safe to say November has been pretty impressive month on the marketing front; we look forward to seeing what December will bring!