Social Media Week

27 November 2018

Behind the scenes

Earlier this month our Social Media Manager ventured down to London for this year’s instalment of Social Media Week and boy, did it sound like fun. Here are her key take outs..

1) Good news! We’ve actually not got the attention span of a fish… Contrary to popular belief, we’re actually just sick of ‘crap content’.

‘We have a growing audience desperate for entertainment’

‘Content that looks like an ad will be ignored and discarded’

‘Story telling needs to evolve… new formats, new narratives’

2) Facebook is going to continue to be strict on content. Removing said ‘crap content’ in the point above to help improve the platform and discourage the likes of click bait and spam.

3) Gen Z like Instagram. Durrr. But appreciate content that supports their beliefs, is real and raw and they love a good short video.

4) Reddit is a cool channel and probably one of the most under-used for marketing. Unlike it’s social media brothers and sisters, people on there can be there normal selves. No hiding behind perfect pictures, not hiding away after voicing your opinion and it’s actually really funny. Memes are a great way of communicating on the channel and actually, some great pieces of content have been a product of reddit.

5) Pinterest you dark horse….referring back to point one and content looking like ads get ignored…50% of people don’t think they’re being advertised to on Pinterest, despite 75% of content on the channel coming from brands

6) Community marketing should be key in a marketing strategy. Build a community of people with similar interests and market to them as a group.

7) Buzzfeed create 600 pieces of content per day. Not all of them work but they learn from engagement, they take the time to read the comments and see what feedback they’re getting. That’s how they have altered to the content you see on ‘Tasty’ and ‘Bring Me’

8) Linkedin… AB testing is key. This was a strange one for me as I personally find the back end of Linkedin Ads a mine field but there was some significant points made by XX at Linkedin about the benefits of AB testing.

9) Chatbots, AI, micro influencers are going to be key moving into 2019

10) National Geographic is absolutely awesome on social media. Check them out here