Sysomos Summit

02 May 2018

Industry Insights

The Sysomos Summit took place in London last week and we were thrilled to be heading back after a really insightful day last year. This year it brought together some awesome companies including WWE , Mail Chimp and Ogilvy…not to mention we were invited to present!

If you’re not familiar with the conference, it’s an annual gathering for social media and digital beings like ourselves. It’s a day where customers have the chance to share how they use Sysomos (a social listening tool) in their areas of business. It’s all about finding inspiration and networking with like-minded marketers.

Peter Heffring, CEO kicked off the day with some big news for Sysomos, announcing it had been acquired by Meltwater…a move we think will be really beneficial for both parties. It means enhanced support for clients and enhanced data capabilities – exciting times!

Here are our key takeaways from the conference.

Mail Chimp – Data is king

Mail Chimp’s social media experts, Jason Maldonado and Brooke Hatfield took to the stage to share how they use Sysomos to curate data, gather insights and build strategies keeping customer engagement and support at the heart of everything they do.

You may have heard the very popular phrase, ‘content is king’…well at Mail Chimp they are firm believers in the phrase ‘data in king’ as you can’t develop content that resonates with your audience without data.

They also explained how they created their own library of gifs for social query support, a great way of showing human interaction and personality involved in a Twitter exchange.

WWE - The Evolution of Social Insights

With over 900 million global social media followers, the number 1 sports channel on YouTube and trending on twitter 52 weeks a year, WWE has some pretty mind blowing social stats.

Elizabeth Motta, Director of Social Data Analytics, explained how their core value is to put smiles on people’s faces and that includes all 900 million social media fans.

She explained how In 2013 they only concentrated on follower growth as a key statistic in measuring social performance, something that has changed dramatically over the last 5 years.

She discussed how they use social listening to make real time decisions on content and how it made them change the way they features women’s revolution after one of their shows feautured a womens fights for just 10 seconds, causing a huge social media storm with the hashtag #givedivasachance trending globally. WWE pride themselves on listening to the fans and this was a perfect example of how they used data as a lesson to change their programming and start the women’s revolution.

She also talked about how they ensure their content strategy is tailored to each platform based on what the audience want and expect to see – no overlap on channels.

Outpost - Adventuring into Digital Experiences

The hashtag #SysomosSummit was trending locally as we took to the stage to present our Bear Grylls campaign and how we used social insights to develop the campaign and the importance of using user-generated content to created online communities.

We also wanted to highlight the importance of influencer marketing and explore how audiences have become more aware of less genuine macro influencers and the need for micro influencers.

Ogilvy – How social listening has redefined our thinking

One of our favourite talks of the day was from the team at Ogilvy Healthworld around how they use social listening to improve their communications.

If you want to create meaningful content make sure you follow these three rules:

• Be empathetic • Be authoritative • Be relatable.

Interestingly they spoke about how understanding how jargon is use and is different in different communities. Social listening can help you to understand how your audience is communicating, allowing you to ensure content and messaging resonates with the audience on each channel.

Another key point was to ensure you only use a hashtag if it’s relevant and to remember not every campaign needs a hashtag, you must understand how it’s going to be used.

Microsoft - What is data?

Phil Harvey from Microsoft closed the day with a brilliant talk around the empathy of data, bringing a fresh approach and humour to the stage. He explored how data has to go on a journey to be actionable and gives us new senses and new ways of knowing things.

Well, what a busy and insightful day. Let’s just say the cocktail reception went down well…thanks for having us Sysomos!