The Christmas ads are here

10 November 2017

Industry Insights

It’s here! It’s here! The ad everyone waits for and crosses their fingers (and toes) for another heart –string pulling ad. I’m of course talking about John Lewis and their highly anticipated Christmas ad and it hasn’t disappointed. #MozTheMonster is the perfect follow up to last year’s Buster The Boxer campaign.

The Outpost team can’t quite decide which Christmas ad is coming out top though this year. Favourites across the team include M&S’s Paddington ad #LoveTheBear and the Debenhams ad #YouShall featuring Ewan McGregor.

Looking at our listening tool, Sysomos, #MoztheMonster is coming out at the top among the Twittersphere, followed by both Debenhams and M&S. Aldi has slipped slightly behind this year with their sequel to #KevinTheCarrot - #KevinandKatie.

It’s estimated that a record £6bn has been spent on Christmas advertising this year, that’s a 40% jump in the last seven years.

Among a survey of 1,000 Brits interviewed on behalf of the Advertising Association, nearly half said they had been moved to tears by Christmas ads they’d seen (BBC news).

One in six also said they have changed plans to watch the premiere of their favourite Christmas ad……I think it’s safe to say that the female half of the team at Outpost will be tuning into Gogglebox for the John Lewis ad tonight!

It seems the Christmas ad market is becoming increasingly competitive and it’s getting harder for brands to stand out.

We’re looking forward to seeing what Sainsbury’s and Waitrose pull out of the bag this year. To be continued…