The Social Explorer - 5 things you missed last week

15 August 2018

Industry Insights

Oooh it’s that time of the week again…time for a little explore in to the exciting world of social media. Make a brew and have a read whilst we tell you about all the latest happenings across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace, Bebo, Vero…you get the picture.

The struggle is real for Snapchat

Ooooh Snapchat. Users are dropping like flies, aren’t they? A reported 3 million people have ditched the once-favourite social platform over the last couple of months despite Snapchat’s best efforts to introduce new filters and a more user friendly design. Not all hope is lost though. The redesign has somewhat helped advertisers and because of that growth, advertising costs have decreased, resulting in an increase of 44% in advertising.

Stay strong Snapchat. We still believe in you.

Cheeky redesign for some Facebook pages

Yep…ANOTHER redesign. Cheers Facebook for keeping us on our toes. 80 million small businesses will be receiving the update which makes using Facebook use their services a little easier. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner you can now add a ‘reserve a table’ option.

Whatsapp now allows video chat

At last! Video chat has now been added to Whatsapp in its latest update. The calls can’t be started from group chats. So even if you’re messaging everyone that you want to talk to, you’ll have to start a video conversation by adding them each individually. Instead, you have to start a call with one user and then look for the little button in the top-right corner. By clicking on that, you can choose the person you want to add to the conversation – they will then be called, and added to the conversation like normal.

YouTube embraces vertical video

YouTube currently has some pretty big competition right now thanks to IGTV. So it was expected that YouTube explore vertical video sooner rather than later. The platform has now updated its web player, as well as its mobile apps, to support a range of aspect ratios, meaning that if you’re watching a taller-than-usual clip, YouTube will enlarge the video appropriately, making the user experience less jarring.

It will also encourage brands and creators to share the content they create for other vertical-first mediums (IGTV and Stories) – on YouTube.

And, whilst we’re on topic we decided to have a little look into what’s going on with IGTV and what the feature could mean for brands. Take a look here

An Update on the Facebook App Review

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, hundreds of third-party apps were revoked access to the platform’s API last week. Facebook had set a deadline of August 1st during this year’s F8 developer conference for apps to be submitted for internal review otherwise access would be denied. They announced that all apps using the Facebook Platform APIs would need to go through a more comprehensive review to better protect people’s Facebook information.

“Our goal with all these changes is to ensure that we better protect people’s Facebook information while also enabling developers to build great social experiences – like managing a group, planning a trip or getting concert tickets for your favourite band.” But by far the biggest loss came for Twitter users, who can no longer share tweets and retweets with Facebook” Facebook