Why UGC needs to be part of your marketing strategy

13 March 2019

Industry Insights

User generated content, better known as UGC, is a form of content generated by users on social media platforms. It can refer to pictures, videos, blog posts (to name a few) – basically anything that users have created to promote a brand rather than the brand itself.

While UGC isn’t anything new, marketers are finally starting to see the benefits and potential it has to generate engagement online.

Here are the facts:

• 45% of consumers look at user generated images for inspiration once a day or more – Olapic

• 74% of all consumers have uploaded a photo hashtagging a brand - Olapic

• 92% of customers worldwide say they trust word-of-mouth more than any kind of advertising – Marketing Land.

Instagram is full of UGC and one of the easiest platforms to utilise such content. Airbnb are a good example; they repurpose UGC by reaching out to existing customers who have tagged them or used their hashtag #airbnb and repost their content.

Then there’s our UGC campaign for Bear Grylls, #TheAdventurers. We simply asked people to submit content of them on their adventures using the hashtag #TheAdventurers. The goal was to create an engaged community of like-minded people who enjoy sharing their stories with each other and embody the spirit of adventure. The campaign reached over 4.9million people and increased traffic to site by a huge 61%.

It’s not just organic social benefiting from UGC either, a report by TintUP revealed that sponsored ads which use UGC as their creative see up to 4x higher click through rates and a 50% drop in CPC (cost per click) - impressive stuff.

Don’t forget it’s important to remember that you will need permission from the content creator to repurpose their imagery in case of any legalities. Usually a tag on social media is sufficient but it’s always best to double check.

When you share UGC, you’re not only engaging with your audience, but you are making them feel seen and appreciated, there’s a feeling of inclusivity. We’re seeing brands move away from being ‘faceless’ and making their audience part of the brand.

To summarise, here are our top 5 reasons to use UGC:

• Authenticity of marketing

• Affordable, efficient and powerful

• Brand loyalty

• Personalised marketing

• Honest and authentic

One of the key advantages of UGC is that people trust it over commercial content – it’s seen as authentic and credible and it’s free!

Traditional advertising methods are no longer enough. Be inclusive and relevant. Be engaging.